Friday, October 09, 2015

I Am Link

--- Top Bureau - A thriller called Imperium which stars Daniel Radcliffe as an FBI agent is gathering up a nice little supporting cast - Variety reports it's just added Toni Collette, Tracy Letts and Sam Trammell to its roster. Doesn't "Imperium" sound like a wand curse from Harry Potter? Anyway what I most hope is I hope that Daniel gets to motorboat Trammell on-screene. Those jugs of his should never go to waste.

--- Dead Things - I'm sad to see that Freeheld, the lesbian drama with Ellen Page and Julianne Moore, has done poorly box-office-wise; I too have been too busy to see it. Any of you recommend making time for it? Anyway Ellen's lining up her next thing and it's apparently a remake of Flatliners of all things? I said all I have to say about that on Twitter. I wish Prime Billy had done more stuff.

--- Matt Bomer's Butt Boy - Yesterday after I posted all of them gifs of Matt Bomer's Buttocks in the season premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel, I tweeted out a query asking who the actor was that joined Matt in the fourgy, and I was told his name is Nathan Peterson. Turns out I wasn't the only person wondering -- here's a morning-after interview with the actor, including a few choice beefcake shots for good measure. He's goin' places!

--- House of Horrors - We just wished Guillermo Del Toro a happy birthday but we missed this (thanks Mac) -- his home, which we knew already to be full of amazing horror movie props, was profiled in the New York Times and they've got a great gallery of his cabinets of wonders. I am so fuckin' jealous of him for the lot of it. Bastard!

--- Uniformed Frenzy - Reading that both Henry Cavill and Luke Evans have signed on to star in an Army action-drama opposite Nicholas Hoult kinda makes me wanna pull Nicholas Hoult close (as if I didn't already wanna pull Nicholas Hoult close) and protect him... and part of me wants to grab Nicky by the shoulders and throw him to the sexy noted homosexual wolves -- as long as there are cameras pointed at it all. Devour him, boys! Anyway I am not surprised that Henry & Luke are working together again, they have so much in common.

--- Top Bird - There's a lovely long chat with Tippi Hedren in The Detroit News (thanks Mac) -- no I don't know why, but it's lovely. She talks about her friendship with her Birds co-star Rod Taylo (who just passed away recently) and like any sane person would she seems to light up when mentioning she got to work opposite Marlon Brando. And she tells the Hitch stories o' woe again, which she must be sick to death of by now.

--- Cary's Song - This was apparently first talked about several years ago so forgive me if I have forgotten it completely (if I bothered to do a search I'd probably find a mention here on the blog) but I guess Cary Fukunaga's been working on making a musical with Owen Pallett (aka Final Fantasy and a member of Arcade Fire) and Zack Condon (aka Beirut, who I just saw perform at Radio City several days ago!) for ages, and he says he thinks it will be on stage first, before being a movie. But it all sounds still rather fetal. In related news, just a week to go for Beasts of No Nation!

--- Big Bite - I can't remember if I mentioned that the great Anne-Marie over at The Film Experience is devoting her "Woman's Pictures" series about female directors to horror movies all month long -- here's her take on the great (and only) Civil War Cannibal Movie Ravenous, directed by Priest director Antonia Bird. I love this movie like a third leg.


mangrove said...

Wait. How do you know Cavill is 'Noted'? Was he 'Noted' back in the UK and stopped when he came to the U.S.?

Or is it the super ob(li)vious bearding which has got to be a in-joke by now?

Inquiring minds want to know your sources.

Derreck said...

If Cavill is "noted", then it escaped my attention.

I think it's good that i'm not super-hot and famous because I would be way too "active" when approached with these dudes that are rumored to be noted.

Anonymous said...

Freeheld got mixed reviews and movies like that need critical support to make decent money.

tanpoffel said...

Cavill? What W H A T ? JA: What do you know that we don't know? Spit it out (ha!) already!