Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Good Morning, World

Well today is the day that the male-stripper sequel Magic Mike XXL hits home-video, to borrow an anachronism from my youth, and the spectacle of celebrity "Buns Buns Buns!" (to borrow yet another 80s anachronism) can now be yours yours yours. If you never read my review of the movie, here it is. I liked it, as a movie experience, although I will admit that on a purely gratuitous level the film is a let-down - I think there's even less nudity in this one than there is in the first, somehow? But I do quite like the flash of Matt Bomer thong bouncing around that we do get, of course, so I capped that, as well as one meaty Channing moment, after the jump...

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Scot said...

Any luck with the bonus features?