Thursday, October 15, 2015

Good Morning, World

Since, much to our dismay mind you, Matt Keeslar doesn't really work as an actor anymore -- although I am happy to see he has his first credit in five years on Grimm, looking sexy with a beard...

... anybody know what's that's all about? I don't watch the show. But anyway since there's not much to say about him new-wise we're going to take the opportunity of his 43rd birthday to remind the world that most of Gregg Araki's movies, including the 1999 film Splendor, seen here, are out of print -- an oversight so egregious I can't believe I still have to bitch about it. Yo Gregg! Whatcha doin? Where's our blu-ray boxed set already? Look how shitty the quality of these gifs are, for god's sake! WE DESERVE BETTER.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing today about last night's American Horror Story and all the man candy via Matt Bomer in leather pants and Finn Wittrock banging Lady Gaga?