Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Do Dump or Marry: Bring It To A Steady Boyle

Happy birthday, Danny Boyle! The Brit director of more modern classics than you can shake a stick at is turning 59 today as he heads into the Oscar season with Steve Jobs, his best film in, well, a couple of years (I mean Trance was super weird but not especially horrible or anything) -- here's my review of Jobs from the NYFF in case you missed it. Anyway I got to thinking about all the super-skinny white boy anti-heroes Danny's gifted us with and an edition of "Do Dump or Marry" occurred to me...

Today's threesome is Jim (Cillian Murphy) in 28 Days Later, Renton (Ewan McGregor) in Trainspotting, and Steve (Michael Fassbender) in Steve Jobs. PS you are picking and choosing and tossing away the characters here, not the actors. 

Have at it in the comments!


Derreck said...

Do Renton (and discard)
Marry Steve Jobs (because eventual JACKPOT)
Dump Jim (not because I want to but someone has to. Good luck with the zombies!)

Anonymous said...

Do Jim
Marry Steve Jobs
Dump Renton

IF this had been about the actors,

Do Ewan (and continue to do him, as a side piece)
Marry Fassy
Dump Cillian (after we fuck, obvs)

Legend Rivera said...

Do Michael Fassbinder
Kill Cillian and Ewan
Then Marry Michael Fassbinder