Thursday, October 08, 2015

Cue The Beep Boop Happy Sounds

Fantastic, terrifically unexpected news -- Halt and Catch Fire has been renewed for a third season! I really figured it was dunzo, having averaged weekly ratings lower than the number of people I give dirty looks on the subway to and from work every day, but I guess AMC looked at the kick-ass reviews the second season got and said what the hell, let's burn some money for good for a change. The show can't cost more than a week's worth of blood drippings over on The Walking Dead anyway, so why not? I am so excited! I look forward to much more of Lee Pace wearing sweatpants, and all the other great stuff or whatever.


Remington said...

SUCH wonderful news indeed!!! I only just watched the first two seasons last week and I fell in love with everything about the show. The characters, the writing, the music-it's SO addictive!!! I can't wait to see what happens in season three!!! :) Here's hoping Lee Pace finally gets a dude-on-dude sex scene!!! ;)

Bismark said...

OH MY GOD...!!!

My beloved ‪#‎HaltandCatchFire‬ IS COMING BACK FOR A 3RD SEASON!!!

AMC I cannot thank you enough

I'm more than HAPPY... Literally Crying-Of-Happinness‬ right now... Silicon Valley wait for us in 2016 YASSS...!

:') :') :')

john said...

Love you and what you do to keep us informed.