Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Two Hardys In The Hand

I was surprised when I just checked and saw that Legend, Tom Hardy's "Two Toms for the Price of One" movie about the gangster Kray twins, isn't out until October -- it feels like it oughta be a September movie somehow? Maybe (probably) I'm just impatient. 

Especially after reading (thanks Mac) that one of the books about the Krays says that the brothers, who both had homosexual tendencies to varying to degrees (this we already knew), for a long while kept their same-sex shenanigans, ahem, in house, if you know what I mean. (Incest, Rose! Incest, incest incest!) Mind you I don't condone incest... but I do condone the use of computer graphics technology to make it look like Tom Hardy is fucking himself. I mean, that's just natural. Natural as the trees, or incest!

Aaaanyway these pictures from behind-the-scenes of Legend are via a recent edition of the Sunday Times, all taken by the photographer Greg Williams, whose Instagram is a good place to look for Tom Hardy if Tom Hardy is what you're looking for. We documented before how close the two seem to be. Twincest close? Who knows! Williams also directed that short film starring Hardy and Hardy's Swinging Hardy Jr. called Sergeant Slaughter, so at least cock close, they appear to be.

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