Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Boys on the Girls on the Train

The folks making the movie version of the bestselling novel The Girl on the Train have already stuffed their film with a trio of terrifically appealing ladies -- Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, and Haley Bennett -- and now their turning their attentions to the men-folk... but only reaching a 50% MNPP approval rating this go-round. Chris Evans (yay) and Jared Leto (boo) are in talks to inject some testosterone into the proceedings - Chris will be Rebecca's piece while Jared will play Haley's. Besides having become a completely insufferable presence, Jared is too fucking old for Haley Bennett. He's seventeen years older than her! And don't give me any of that shit about him having retained his youth all this time - I was around for Jared's first youth and he hasn't retained jack of Jordan Catalano. Oh, Jordan...

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Anonymous said...

In the book the men and women were close to the same age. Jared is too old for the role.