Friday, September 25, 2015

Quote of the Day

"I’ve never really done a sex scene in a film… I guess I’ve done one in “Pusher 2” where [Mads Mikkelsen’s character] can’t get an erection, I thought that was really funny. In most movies you see people doing a lot of drugs and having great sex, but apparently that’s not how it works. I thought it would be kind of interesting to see what happens if you can’t get an erection in a sex scene. That’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to a sex scene. Mads really gave everything for that scene [laughs]. 

I tend to think that sex is not particularly interesting in any kind of visual format because for heaven’s sake we all do it — well, hopefully we all do it — so there’s really not a lot to fantasize about. Whereas violence is much more interesting because, thank God, we don’t do it so it’s much more fetishized and subconscious in a way. But then, maybe in the near future I wanna do a porn movie in 8K or whatever. You never know, it’s hard for me to predict anything."

--- That's Nicolas Winding Refn being typically Refnian (now there's a word) when talking about sex and his own films -- I've never capped that exact scene in Pusher because I still haven't watched the Pusher movies and even though I have of course seen that scene, divorced from the entire movie, I need to refrain from all that til I finally sit down and watch them. But I have capped an even better scene from the Pusher movies of Mads getting sexually exploited, click here for that. Anyway The Playlist interviewed Nicolas on the occasion of the release of his movie poster book The Art of Seeing, which I want a copy of but it's awfully expensive. Christmas is coming up folks...


Jacques Dillinger said...

You need to at least watch Pusher II, which is the best of the trilogy and a masterpiece, Refn's best film in my opinion.
Pusher is a great film, and Pusher III pretty far from it.

yinzerella said...

Are the Pusher movies available streaming anywhere???

JA said...

You can rent them on Amazon, I believe. They're only on disc on Netflix.

yinzerella said...

OK. Thanks. I need some more Mads in my life!
BTW, I am surprised that you didn't write about the Hannibal finale. So. Much. Penetration.