Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Quote of the Day

Ya know,  once upon a time I got a threatening letter from the folks at Universal asking me to take down the post I had posted that showed Jake Gyllenhaal naked on the set of Everest, shooting a scene where his character... is naked. And I took down the post because, ya know, courtesy, wimpiness, whatever you wanna call it. Well today I read the first review of Everest that I've read anywhere over at The Playlist and they say this:

"Gyllenhaal gives Fisher a surf's-up, stoner vibe that oddly works (and gamely goes barechested in an early scene, so don't fear you're going to be denied some Gyllenhaal flesh just because we're up an icy mountain)"

Um, bare-chested? BARE-CHESTED? We knew that from the trailer. Why he get ass-out naked if all your dumb movie's gonna show us is what's in the trailer! I'm not paying to see your movie. Fuck you, Universal. I took down that post in the hopes that one day, once Everest was out on DVD, I could share it (it meaning ass) proper-like. This is a breach of contract! The pictures are everywhere anyway, it's not like the few of us who complied with Universal's threats kept them off the internet. Go google yourself raw, folks.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha well said

das buut said...

I bet he comes in all kinds of flavors.