Friday, September 18, 2015

Pics of the Day

While there's no official behind-the-scenes documentation of Jake Gyllenhaal's nude scene that was all over the internet in this Vanity Fair portfolio of pictures taken on Everest's set, there are some fun and informative pictures of the film's primary threesome anyway. (thanks Mac)

Is anybody planning on seeing this movie this weekend? I've already got my ticket but I'm going alone since nobody wanted to go with me and when I chose my seat from the theater's map two days ago the pickins, they were the opposite of slim, so I am wondering if anybody cares besides us Gyllenhaalics.

If you see the movie, tell me what you thought. And I'll do 
the opposite, probably, whether you want it or not.


Adam said...

I saw it last weekend and reviewed it on Letterboxd. It's unimpressive and fairly dull. Jake might as well not be in it at all.

das buut said...


Jake fur. Glorious Jake Fur. I don't need any other plot.

MD said...

I saw it last night. I know it's based on real events, but there's just too many characters, and none of them get any depth. By which I mean the whole thing should have just been Jake naked on a mountain.

Neal said...

My husband and I saw it in yesterday, and we both really liked it. Although we knew how it would turn out, we found it suspenseful and compelling. Jake was perfect, of course.