Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I Am Link

--- Damned Spot - I'll be seeing the other 2015 Michael Fassbender movie this weekend (the "other" one in this case meaning Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs) at the New York Film Festival, but I gotta say I'm more excited for his Macbeth, which lord knows when I'll see that. Presumably with the rest of you people in December, sigh. Anyway there are some new pictures and posters and an interview with the likely suspects (Michael's wearing an awfully clingy little t-shirt) over at The Playlist today, with regards to Macbeth, so check those out if you care to.

--- Holy Waters - That BFI tribute to John Waters in London is starting tomorrow I think and BuzzFeed chatted with the director on what else, his dating techniques. Some very funny stuff in there though, as usual -- it makes me sad that I'm not totally on-board with his obsession with Boom! and therefore he hates me - I recognize its camp value but it's also tedious as fuck to watch.

--- Genitals Deep - Well this is unexpected and strange -- Deadline's gotten a hold of a contract that the extras working on HBO's reboot of Westworld had to sign, which details a whole lotta sinnin' going on:

"This document serves to inform you that this project will require you to be fully nude and/or witness others fully nude and participate in graphic sexual situations. By accepting this Project assignment, you may be required to do any of the following: appear fully nude; wear a pubic hair patch; perform genital-to-genital touching; have your genitals painted; simulate oral sex with hand-to-genital touching; contort to form a table-like shape while being fully nude; pose on all fours while others who are fully nude ride on your back; ride on someone’s back while you are both fully nude; and other assorted acts the Project may require. The Project will also include language and sexual situations that some may consider personally objectionable or uncomfortable.”"

That's 'Quote of the Day' stuff right there! Of course this will just be porny background noise, and I doubt that main players like James Marsden, Ben Barnes or Rodrigo Santoro will be involved with any "genital-to-gential touching"... dammit.

--- Always Bet On Bill -  I'm down with the essence of this piece over at HitFix - why is the 1990 comedy Quick Change with Bill Murray and Geena Davis so damned hard to find? It's an astonishingly funny film, from what I remember -- I loved it when I was a kid, but I haven't seen it in many years. Besides that that article also led me to this old interview with Mr. Murray which is a must-read to believe - he was at Elvis' funeral! He's the legendiest of legends.

--- A Hem's Worth - While this interview with Kate Winslet talking about making The Dressmaker is fun, I was kind of sad with the way she danced around the subject of "Liam Hemsworth's Abs" - clearly she's a pro and has been at this media game long enough to know that would be all of the headlines and she doesn't want to objectify poor Liam that way, but come on, Kate. It's Liam Hemsworth. His abs are a hashtag, not human.

--- No Guilt in Pleasure - Having seen the documentary De Palma at NYFF (and reviewed it) I've been looking around and clicking on anything having to do with the director, which led me to this 1987 interview with him talking about all of his so-called "Guilty Pleasure" movies, and it's quite the list. In a weird way I feel as if it speaks more to the man who was making movies at 1987 specifically (that's the year he put out The Untouchables) than it does to what he'd say today, which makes it even more interesting.

--- Big Book - I wasn't really very fond of Jurassic World so I'm not especially looking forward to whatever director Colin Trevorrow does next (besides another Jurassic movie because those damned dinos will always suck me in) but this is a pretty killer cast he's lined up for The Book of Henry -- Naomi Watts, Sarah Silverman, Lee Pace, Dean Norris, and that kid from Room that's getting all the raves alongside Brie Larson. (thanks Mac) No word on what the movie's about yet though.

--- Pose Struck - Last week we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Showgirls and I totally missed this piece at EW where they actually talked to director Paul Verhoeven about the film! (Thanks Mac) In fact I haven't read it yet, I'm saving it for today's lunch-time read since it's a bit lengthy - a blessing, not a curse! I did skim it to see if they got any information on him about the release of his "rape revenge" movie with Isabelle Huppert though, and saw nothing. Come on, man! I need that like air.


Benji said...

Will you hate me if I tell you that I'm going to see Macbeth this weekend here in London?

Jason Adams said...

I won't hate you, but I might get on a plane, find you, restrain you, and go in your place. WATCH OUT, BENJI! ;)

Benji said...

I'd even take you along :P

creamycamper said...

I also loved Quick Change as a kid. My favorite quote was from Bill Murray, "...up your butt with a coconut!" I think he was posing as a hostage and was describing what the bank robber said to Geena Davis. Cracks me up!!