Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Henry Cavill Four Times


I hope that there were an obscene number of pictures taken of Henry when he grew his great big bushy beard for that movie that didn't end up happening for him and that they will get slowly released over the span of the rest of my life - it'd be a shame for us to ever run out of such a thing. I'd rather we run out of oxygen like that scene in Total Recall first. At least if we ran out of oxygen the last thing I'd see, as my gigantic pulsating eyeballs exploded from my head, would be Henry Cavill's sweet butch beard staring back at me. (via, thanks Mac)


Anonymous said...

i bet that ass tastes like heaven. he could use my tongue as toilet paper after he took a shit

gregr said...

It probably does taste like Heaven. They don't have shit in Heaven.