Friday, September 18, 2015

Good (Not) Morning, World

In case you've been holding your breath all morning to find out what Brian De Palma movie I watched last night -- well first off, you should be following me on Twitter, then you'd know the answer. And second off, and this probably should've been first off, stop holding your damn breath! Jeez I don't want any more deaths on my conscience. I watched Blow Out, his 1981 thriller reuniting Carrie's evil duo of John Travolta & Nancy Allen in an intrigue of sound effects and split screens, aka The Brian De Palma Special. Then why am I sharing pictures from Casualties of War, De Palma's 1989 Vietnam film, you ask?

I am glad you asked! Because CoW (unfortunate acronym) is one of the BDP movies I have never seen, and the clips they showed from CoW in the Noah Baumbach's De Palma documentary, which is what set all of this off in the first place, made me realize I need to see it, if only because it captures Michael J. Fox and Sean Penn in that ever-so-brief moment of time where they could be considered hot.

I know I'll feel different once I actually watch the movie and all the bad stuff that I know the movie's about happens and colors my opinion... but I'll be damned if the clips they showed in the doc didn't initiate in me the first ever twinge of "Huh, so that's what people saw in Sean Penn once upon a time."

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