Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Good Morning, World

I only realized last night as I half-watched the most recent episode of The Strain that I'd forgotten to cap this scene of Corey Stoll's smooth shiny everything from two full episodes ago - if The Strain's not right in front of me I am generally not thinking of The Strain, and if Corey Stoll's not on-screen while I am watching The Strain I am generally not watching The Strain. Christ it's a crushing bore. 

There have finally been a couple flashes of humor this season - the Vampire Lucha libre and the Sexy Monster Gladiator spring to mind - but mostly it's just a bunch of characters we're desperate to see die (I'm looking at you, Kid Actor) not dying and taking their sweet time about it. But then Corey Stoll struts in on a tidal wave of sex (especially now that he's murdered that godforsaken wig) and I keep tuning in despite myself. Damn him.

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Peggy Sue said...

Come on Corey! Give us a frontal. You know you want it!