Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Good Morning, Gratuitous Farley Granger

Last week I posted a perfectly pleasant shot of a topless Farley Granger and asked y'all to remind me to do a bigger post for the actor -- none of you reminded me, ahem, but I reminded myself. Turtle Power!

I have not reminded myself thoroughly enough to buy his autobiography yet though -- but since I just finished the celebrity bio to end all celebrity bios, Bette and Joan: The Divine Feud last night, I don't envy the next celebrity bio I pick up - B&J will cast a very long shadow. Maybe I should read something else first... something of substance? Pshaw!

Hark, a photo to add to my "bookshelf fetish" archives. Good work, Farley. Good lord I'm rambling. I'm gonna go get some caffiene in me, y'all hit the jump to stare at more Farley...


joel65913 said...

So pretty. His bio was good but not nearly the best I've read, nowhere near as entertaining as Ava Gardner's nor as salaciously wallowing as Shelley Winters..who by the way factors in Farley's book quite a bit. For biographies of mid-level famous 50's gay actors I'd go with Tab Hunter's more enjoyable book.

Rob K. said...

Farley's just lovely.