Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Good Morn, Bourne

Today's post is a triple-dipper - I posted this picture of Matt Damon on the set of the new Bourne movie on the Tumblr last night, and I just posted it over at The Film Experience this morning, and now I am posting it here, on here. I am spreading Matt a little thin, it seems! That's a lot of this for a movie series I have never smelled a whiff of. Actually that's my point over at TFE - I'm asking folks to tell me why I should watch the Bourne films. Well?


joel65913 said...

All are good actioners but the first as with most series is the best. Matt is a good action hero, not only does he look good but he's not a blank slate and gives a better performance than is typical in these kinds of films. Also in the first he and Franka Potente make a terrific combination. Then there's Clive Owen, Chris Cooper and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. Joan Allen doesn't show up until the second and she's great so there's that too. Even the Jemery Renner one which isn't quite as good but still entertaining has Rachel Weisz as an enticement. The real weakness of any of the films is Julia Stiles ludicrously cast as the head of a foreign intelligence network.

Anonymous said...

The original trilogy is awesome. Never caught up with the Jeremy Renner one though. You gotta watch.