Thursday, September 10, 2015

Eyes on the Prize, Nico Tortorella

Okay so out of guilt about all these posts I get out of Nico being a righteous Instagram self-exploiter I told myself, "Self, go to his damn IMDb page, see what he's doing, maybe you'll find something to talk about besides making a lame-ass drool euphemism." 

And it paid off! It paid off like gangbusters! Because suddenly there on his IMDb page was a TV Movie called Mamma Dallas. I thought to myself, "Self, could this be a remake of Stella Dallas? Stanwyck or Midler Editions?" And so I clicked on it and whatever it is it is written and directed by Mike White. Yes Mike White of Enlightened and Chuck and Buck and everything else that's been good ever. What what? All it says on IMDb is it's for HBO and it's about "A Texas couple [who] hire a drag queen as their live-in nanny."

But... wait. Let's not get too excited after all. Cuz then I thought to myself, "Self, do some more checking on this." And so I did, and it seems as if this was a pilot that MW was doing for the cable company, one that they didn't pick up, as of this past May. DAMN THEM. I don't know how I missed all of this -- I swear this wasn't on Nico's IMDb page the last time I looked at it. I'm pretending that's true anyway, and that HBO's decided to air the shelved pilot as a TV Movie now. Optimism, and furry abs -- it's what's in.


Adam said...

I can't imagine why this made me think of you, but it did.

Anonymous said...

And Nico was supposed to play the closeted, masculine boyfriend of the drag queen too!

J.D. said...

oh my gosh, I can't help but drool over this guy. Shame about the tv movie though.

Anonymous said...

He's hot and furry and all, but if he just becomes an Instagram guy with no other real career I'll quickly lose interest.