Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Crowning Cassel

Does Vincent Cassel have the greatest head of hair working today? Actually now that I've written that it feels awfully reductive -- Vincent Cassel's beautiful hair doesn't stop at the neck. But you know what I mean. I would kill for my hair to shoot out of me like salt-and-pepper lightning bolts. Let is be said right here and right now: Vincent Cassel is a lucky man.

Anyway I wasn't going to write up an entire post about the news that Vinnie's gotten the gig as the big bad in the next Bourne movie since I still haven't seen a single Bourne movie yet (yeah yeah I know) but seeing his name made me look him up and I found all these great pictures that I hadn't seen before... so here we are. With good cause, people seem to like pointing their cameras his way!

I also found this set of gifs of him and Paul Bettany totally close to making out in a 2002 movie called The Reckoning; the movie sounded familiar to me so I did a search and this is that movie that Vincent & Tom Hardy talked about Tom slapping Bettany in the face during the making of! So much sexual tension, I can't stand it. I have a new answer to the question, "If you had a time machine what time would you go to?" -- I would go to the 2002 making of The Reckoning, apparently. Okay all that said, I have some more pictures of Vincent to share after the jump! Come along with me...


Glenn said...

It's the waviness that does for me. Salt and pepper wavy hair is just about the sexiest.

ChubChuck said...

What about the Iconic: Come mi vuoi 1996 - https://goo.gl/vZeiu7. Quite cool: https://goo.gl/56x89B ;-)