Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cowboys and Aliens

My third review of the day from the New York Film Festival is up at The Film Experience -- here's my take on Les Cowboys, which is a loose French update of The Searchers (man loses daughter to darker skinned people, freaks out for awhile) from the screenwriter of Rust and Bone. It stars actor François Damiens, seen above, looking much sexier in his on-screen Marlboro Man get-up than he does in any of the other pictures I've found of him online.

I guess he's usually thought of as a comic actor, and he's been making a stab at serious roles now? So he's kind of the Robin Williams of France, chest hair included. Gotcha.

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Lucie said...

He's from Belgium actually, but the comparison with Williams is not that far-fetched. He did a few "serious" movies, but he's mostly known for weird and funny roles.