Thursday, August 06, 2015

Unwrapping Joel Edgerton

There's a great big superhero movie out tomorrow (with hot boys and terrible reviews) and there's a Meryl Streep movie out tomorrow (written by Diablo Cody and co-starring Sebastian Stan -- this is me framing Ricki and the Flash like something I'd have any interest in seeing, which I really really don't) but the only movie coming out this weekend that I really want to see (The Diary of a Teenage Girl doesn't count since I've already seen it, loved it, and reviewed it, but I might go see it again because goddamn Aleaxander Skarsgard's delicious in it) is The Gift... yeah you know, The Gift? It was originally called Weirdo, which was much better - it's now got a terribly generic title (not to mention one that gives me flashes of Hilary Swank in the mullet to end all mullets)... but anyway it's that "Joel Edgerton torments Jason Bateman for some past sin" movie that I feel as if I've been watching the trailer for for years. 

It's not really that trailer that got me, though -- it's the fact that Edgerton both wrote and directed the flick, and Joel's proven himself on the writing side at least to be talented. The Square is great anyway, and there's good stuff in both The Rover (which he wrote the original story for) and Felony. The Gift marks his first time behind the camera on a full-length film but I've got such a soft spot for this sort of thriller. Anybody else have any desire to see it? In summation here's a picture of Joel holding hands with Jason on the film's red carpet... I smell a romance!

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Anonymous said...

The website Birth Movies Death wrote a very favorable review of "The Gift" that said it was so dark that it probably wouldn't make a huge profit. That's enough to inflame me to see it. The site also warns viewers to see it before anyone ruins its surprises for them.