Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Today's Mood


Happy birthday, Christian Slater!

PS I did finally start watching Mr. Robot -- 
I'm only two episodes in but I'm digging it so far.


Bill Carter said...

God, I love that movie!

There's a scene at the end that I suspect goes right over the heads of most of the audience. Veronica is on the steps of the school, watching her ex-boyfriend trying to set off his suicide bomb, which he's having trouble doing since she just shot off a couple of his fingers. She takes a cigarette and puts it between her lips, but doesn't light it. He looks at her and realizes why: Because she knows it will be ignited by the force of the bomb blast, and she's so disdainful of him that her gesture is a total "Fuck You."

The bomb explodes, and she inhales from the lit cigarette.

I think "Heathers" was the career high point for the actors and the writer of the film.

mangrove said...

I disagree with the last part of your final point M. Carter: I think that 'Batman Returns' is another high point of Daniel Waters' career. The whole Desert War speech to the penguins, "Give us a kiss AntiClaus"... shivers down my spine.

Now Michael Lehmann on the other hand...