Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Smack My Jake Up

I just realized as I prepared to post these shots of Jake in Southpaw (ones that I'd somehow not included in my previous endless posts on shots of Jake in Southpaw) that 1) I was posting shots of Jake in Southpaw when my actual purpose was to tell you something about a different Jake movie -- namely that the blu-ray of his previous very very good film Nightcrawler is super crazy cheap on Amazon right now, under ten bucks actually. But hey even if we preferred Jake's Nightcrawler performance to his Southpaw performace we'd clearly rather look at the latter than the former. 

And 2) I realized as I prepared to post these pictures that I have now seen Southpaw and posting these pictures should probably predicate me reviewing the movie, which... I don't want to? I don't really have much to say about it, honestly. It's a deeply mediocre cliche-riddled thing that nonetheless is well-enough acted and shot and made me, despite all my best efforts, cry a bunch, and I feel dirty about it and not in the dirty way I'd hoped staring at Jake bouncing in gym shorts unfortunately. Jake's abs were worth the effort though!

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