Thursday, August 27, 2015

See My Black & Deep Desires

Today The Playlist shares a whole bunch of new pictures (and a couple of posters) from MacBeth: The Fun Time Musical starring Sir Michael Fassbender and Mademoiselle Cotillard -- they also share the irritating news that Bastard Man Harvey Weinstein is being difficult with the movie's release since he's crawled up Todd Haynes' ass (granted it's crowded up there; we all wanna be up there) and hasn't been spreading his attentions to other worthwhile awards contenders, like this movie. Apparently it doesn't even have a firm release date yet? Anyway speaking of the word "firm" here's Fassy in a bulging tunic carrying a sword. Hubba hubba, toil and trouble.


Anonymous said...

Selling a movie to Harvey is a big gamble. If he isn't really behind it any other distributor is better.

mangrove said...

It's 'Madame' Cotillard, you vile etiquette miscreant! She's a respectable married woman I'll have you now. ;)

You wouldn't dream of writing 'Miss Cate Blanchett', now would you?

Jason Adams said...

I'd totally write Miss Cate, I probably have plenty of times. Really it's just me being silly here though - Fassy's no "Sir" either :)

mangrove said...

But in France, for ladies of a certain age, using 'Miss' is a total diss, since it means they are the lowest of the low - spinsters!

It would be a terrible faux-pas in a fine establishment such as this. :D

dk468 said...

Faux pas, my ass, the harpy stole the Oscar from my Julie Christie, depriving the fine lady of her bookend trophy! and I will never forget that!! Mademoiselle impersonator / imposter she deserves disses whenever she gets them ! :-p