Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Lady Skarsgard

To make up for my unexpected absence this morning there's a picture of Alexander Skarsgard attending the Diary of a Teenage Girl premiere in San Francisco last night dolled up in drag. Why? Why not? I don't know. He makes for a pretty, albeit ridiculously enormous, lady though, right?


Anonymous said...

When Taye Diggs gives up his residency as Hedwig, I now know who I want to replace him. I don't think they could cable him down from the rafters, but still.

The Bloody Munchkin

das buut said...

Why are you posting pictures of Laura Dern on a non-Laura Dern post? Granted, she looks fabulous in a way that makes the 80s gay in me squeal, but that's beside the point. Is she doing some kinda disco/electronica movie that's going to be soundtracked by Giorgio Moroder and Olivia Newton John?

That would be the best movie ever.