Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I Am Link

--- Steve's Sidekick - This interview with Kate Winslet at Vulture on the making of Steve Jobs with Michael Fassbender & Danny Boyle reads exactly like I dream a phone conversation with Kate Winslet would be - she's drinking wine and spilling tales of hairdresser espionage. It's a delight, in other words. My favorite bit comes at the end when the interviewer suggests she do Shakespeare on Broadway to get her EGOT:
"Not Shakespeare. Do I have to? You’re saying that because I’m British and you think it would be second nature. Come on, admit it. But I don’t go to bed reading Shakespeare sonnets, I swear to God."
 --- Quentin Follows - I hadn't gotten a chance to link to the Quentin Tarantino interview that's gotten everybody up in arms yet this week (I didn't think it was that ridiculous but people gotta eat) and now there's already a follow-up with further quotes that got edited out of the first draft -- because as we know QT can talk! -- so here, I'll link to that, I think the more interesting stuff's here. Like how he actually tells us the specifics of his problems with It Follows, which I think are interesting, although I give the film a pass because it earns a dream-logic (that is a non-logic) of its own.
--- Discovery Delayed - The Lewis & Clark miniseries starring Matthias Schoenaerts and Casey Affleck (see previous post here) will resume shooting in the Spring once the bad winter weather they're expecting in their shooting locations up North in Canada pass -- they'll use the down-time to, you know, find a new director for the thing. As long as I get some gruff outdoorsy Matthias, please.
--- Full Ride - The trio of women that fill out the best-seller The Girl on the Train (which y'all are telling me sucks, book-wise) will now be played in the movie version by Emily Blunt and Rebecca Ferguson (we knew that already) and Haley Bennett (she's the new news) and we love Haley; we love all these women. This is a great cast of ladies.
--- Hot Hot Hot - I wasn't really sure how to go about sharing this picture that Hannibal producer Martha De Laurentis shared from behind-the-scenes of the most recent episode showing a certain character [spoiler alert] that got burned up crispy-like wearing nothing but gross make-up and rubber duckie and a smile, so here I will just link to it and show a bit of the shot to the side there. Sexy!
--- Punch Drunk - I'm not sure when the second season of Kingdom is supposed to start airing but we've been fortunate enough to see lots of behind-the-scenes pics of the cast (I've posted plenty of Jonathan Tucker on the Tumblr) and now we've got a nice quote from Nick Jonas about where his character's sexuality is headed this time around...

"It's less about romance than it is about human needs."

I am super cool with that, Nick! As long as you're very very needful, there's no need for nuptials right away.
--- Pussy Riot - Luke Treadaway, the Treadaway twin that is not in Penny Dreadful (although I really want him to show up at some point to give Dr. Frankenstein an inexplicable double story-line for no reason... well except maybe for them to make out some like they have in the past) will star in a movie called A Street Cat Named Bob, which is about, and I quote, "The true story centres on how Bowen, a busker and recovering drug addict, had his life transformed when he met a stray ginger cat." True story! And it's based on a book with the most manipulative "Buy Me!' cover ever created.
--- Never Dunst - In a new interview with Kirsten Dunst she says that her and Sofia Coppola are totally about to work with each other again, next year even, but she doesn't give any details on what the project will be. I know Sofia dropped her Little Mermaid movie but I'd love to see Kiki in a shell-bra. The Playlist has a more sound suggestion for what it might be though. Dunst is also working with Take Shelter director Jeff Nichols right now, and she says she really fought to work with him - smart smart lady. With that and the second season of Fargo she's got exciting stuff ahead. Love her!


FoxVerde said...

Luke Treadaway is also on a great series called "Fortitude" great slow burn creepy show.

Anonymous said...

Unless they don't have much left to shoot Schoenaerts is not going to stick with Lewis and Clark. I wish he joined the Magnificent Seven instead.

DancerInDC said...

Wait - who says Girl...Train is a bad book? It was very good! I devoured it.

That being said, as much as I love Emily Blunt I don't buy her as the main character. It's supposed to be an overweight alcoholic.