Thursday, August 13, 2015

I Am Link

--- Boy Girl - I don't really have a ton of interest in seeing The Danish Girl at this point in time; maybe that will change once we get closer to its release and the buzz grows... or maybe all it will take is one picture of Matthias Schoenaerts in the movie... you decide. Real tough, that one. Anyway over at TFE they're looking at Eddie Redmayne's first interview about the movie with Out Magazine, and Eddie sure does have a pretty mouth.

--- Waters Across The Pond - I finally figured out why John Waters has been giving lots of interviews lately -- the British Film Institute is doing a retrospective of his work... just like the Film Society here in NYC did last year. Copycats! And just like he did here Waters has programmed a bunch of his favorite movies to play alongside it. Vice talked to him about two of his picks, Joan Crawford's freak-feautre Trog and Boom with Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton, which we just mentioned earlier this week in relation to the new Pitt-Jolie Joint By The Sea -- as an aside did you hear that By The Sea got "a strong R-rating for 'strong sexuality, nudity, and language'" -- please let it all be Brad's!

--- Bizzaro World - I'm not sure when I started to find Henry Cavill creepy but the stone's turned in the past few months and now I've begun to see something dead in his eyes a la Tom Cruise and I don't know if there's any going back. I haven't mentioned it before because I'll probably get shit for it and I haven't really been able to pin it down but I think it's just that the more that time passes and the less genuine personality he displays in that time that he's just begun to feel like this gorgeous void, know what I mean? All his answers feel written by committee. Take his new interview on The Tonight Show where he implies that his Superman diet is fucking - once upon a time I'd have been all va-va-va-voom about that, but I have a hard time picturing Henry Cavill fucking anything anymore. And I'm sad about that! I want to picture that!

--- Girl Woman - My pal Sean got to interview comics writer Phoebe Gloeckner for The AV Club; I weirdly kinda felt the need to skim big chunks of this because I am reading her book The Diary of a Teenage Girl right now, even though I already saw the movie version and know what happens pretty much. But what I did read was great, which is fitting since Sean is very good at his job. Oh and Sean got to interview George RR Martin this week too. Damn, man.

--- And Finally we just wished Alfred Hitchcock a happy birthday a little bit ago with some "Paul Newman vs Sean Connery" hotness but this other thing is fun in a totally different gay way -- here's a list of Top Ten Fashion Moments in Hitchcock! (Thanks Mac) They rightfully begin the entire piece with a picture of Eva Marie Saint in North By Northwest in that "blood clot" gown, which is maybe give or take "anything that ever touched Grace Kelly" my favorite of all the Hitch fashion. Of course don't cry for Grace Kelly, she places well, taking up three of the ten spots. (Sidenote: did you see the picture of Grace that I instagrammed last night? I really love that picture; there's something so different and unexpected about it.) Anyway the piece is great but it really needed a picture of Kim Novak in that gown she wears the first time we see her in Vertigo, so here...


das buut said...

I believe Henry went to the same school of "I'm Straight, so let's talk about tits' and beer, and stuff straight guys like" lots of other men have gone to when Hollywood catches whiff their biggest meal ticket doesn't fit the mold. Whether it's because he's gay or not straight enough for STRAIGHT!!!!, who knows.

Him and Luke seemed awfully chummy during the Immortals heyday.

Anonymous said...

henry could still empty his swimmers into my gorgeous void tbh. and then pee on me.

Anonymous said...

I think "Gorgeous Void" is the best way to describe both Cavill, Armie Hammer and their movie I just saw, The Man From UNCLE. Not one moment of suspense, excitement, or even fun. Just pretty people mouthing nothing lines in pretty places. And whoever did the costume design for the women most likely watched one movie from the '60s and thought, "Hoop earrings! Mod sunglasses!" and then phoned it in.

Anonymous said...

I've never liked Henry in interviews. He always seems terrified of saying the wrong thing, like he's got a management team in the back ready to fire him if he doesn't do as he's told. He's still in an awkward stage, career wise, where he hasn't really proven himself as a star but still does major roles in major studio films where I'm sure he's having everything scripted for him.

But I still cling to the hope that somewhere beneath that bumbling, dull, straight-guy personal is the fun-loving if insecure gay dude he really is.

Anonymous said...

Eddie Redmayne's mouth looks as loose and beat up as Dugger mother's vagina.