Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Good Morning, World

I wish that I had access to the footage of Alexander Skarsgard being a sexy beast (literally) in The Diary of a Teenage Girl but that's still in theaters (and you need to go see it!) so here are a couple of older shots of him nude in The East which I don't think we've posted before. For a movie starring my nemesis Brit Marling I thought The East was pretty good, but then it has Alex so, you know, I'll forgive a lot. Just ask the last like five seasons of True Blood.

In related news I was going to link to this later but I might as well share it now so everybody can read it along with their morning coffee -- you should very much read this wonderful interview with Diary author Phoebe Gloeckner over at ThinkProgress, she says everything she needs to say about everything that needs to be said. Choice bit:

"I think that the fact that the lack of judgment from the point of view, I’m so glad that carried over from the book to the film. That really is the one thing that takes women out of their sense of victimhood, whether they are victims or not. The fact is, the experience is what Minnie has been given, and that makes her more human, and it’s not a morality tale. It’s a tale of someone discovering, or beginning to discover who they are. And boys and men have had a zillion opportunities to go through this transition with confusion and lack of judgment and everything else. And girls need that, too."


Anonymous said...

Some Stephen Amell on WWE gifs that I made:



If you are not busy or have time to kill, will you make a post about your fantasy celebrity wrestling matches??? THANKS!!!

Rob K. said...

Phoebe Gloeckner is lovely & amazing, that is all.