Monday, August 03, 2015

Good Morning, World

Happy Monday, everybody - so how many of you plowed through all eight episodes of Netflix's Wet Hot American Summer series this weekend? I sure did, and... it had its moments. (Many of them provided by Kristen Wiig, of course.) I actually think it might benefit from spacing the episodes out and not binging though -- I got a little bit numb to the wink-wink absurdity of a lot of it about halfway though. My advice is take the episodes slowly, then. We've had fifteen years with just the original movie - what's a few extra days?

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shawnp said...

I'm enthralled with the song from the show "Heart Attack of Love" but I can't find who sings it. It sounds like it could be Amy Poehler heavily remixed but on the soundcloud the composer has #shirleymanson...which would be just as awesome.