Monday, August 24, 2015

Good Morning, Guttenberg

It's the 57th birthday of Steve Guttenberg - I kinda don't understand how August 24th hasn't been declared a holiday at this point. Gute Day! Every year we all wear fur patches on our chests and chant "Gute Gute Gute!" everywhere we go, oh what a time it will be. I guess we're still too close to the wonder of The Gute, and we need some space to divorce ourselves before we can really appreciate him enough to understand the need for a yearly celebration? Well let's start the petition today! Gute Gute Gute! (See more of him being typically sexy-adorkable and shirtless in Cocoon in this video.)


Peggy Sue said...

He gave me one of my first boners.

Pierce said...

Saw him in Relatively Speaking on Broadway with Mark Linn Baker and Julie Kavner. The production of three one acts one by Ethan Coen, one by Elaine May (the best of the three) and one by Woody Allen, was awful, but he was good. So were Marlo Thomas and Grant Shaud.

AG said...

Sexy adorkable - that's it! Or a polite way of saying butter face :)

He was such a DILF in It Takes Two.