Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Good Morning, Gratuitous Raphaël Personnaz

The problem with "ask and ye shall receive" (and yes, I do indeed use "receive" purposefully in the context of the above photo) is that sometimes you just don't know the right question to ask in order to get the answer (or whatever) you want to receive. Like earlier this week I asked y'all if any of you had seen Francois Ozon's new movie The New Girlfriend starring Romain Duris, but if I'd known there was a scene where Duris and Raphaël Personnaz went at it in the shower, well, that would've been my question!

As pointed out in the comments of my Monday post the scene does constitute a sort-of spoiler though, so we'll refrain from diving into that too much in depth (except down below, after the jump, where you'll find some more gifs from the scene, because come on). Instead we'll just focus on the receiving end of Romain's attenion, Raphaël Personnaz, who's well overdue our own attentions...

We've only posted about him one time previously -- back in March at FSLC's yearly "Rendezvous With French Cinema" fest I saw SK1, a pretty good serial killer procedural, and Raphaël was its star and I found him an uncanny doppleganger for Alain Delon. I still do, although it really depends on how he's styled, but people seem to purposefully style him that way because why the hell wouldn't you want to look like Alain Delon???

Anyway I have a feeling we're going to be seeing Raphaël around for a very long time -- the French are good to their movie stars. For now, we'll make do with the approximately one hundred more pictures (some pretty NSFW) that I've collected, which you can see after the jump...

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Anonymous said...

Loved this movie - went in totally unspoiled when it showed earlier this year at the BFI Flare Festival in London, and was really moved. Raphael Personnaz caught my attention too :D. Is it just me, or does he look like the love child of Sebastian Stan and Matthew Goode?