Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Colin Farrell Packs A Big Wand

Well I'm glad that my having given up on True Detective doesn't mean I will never see Colin Farrell ever again, at least - he's just joined the cast of the Harry Potter spin-off prequel Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them as a wizard that Eddie Redmayne hangs out with in New York. Maybe their co-star Ezra Miller takes them to some pre-Stonewall gay jazz joints? THR says Fantastic Beasts is set 70 years before Harry's adventures -- can a nerd bigger than I am tell me what that means time-wise? I know the Harry Potter timeline's actually earlier than we think of it as because of how long and drawn out the movie series made it all seem. Anyway Colin Farrell hooray.

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Annemarie said...

Harry's story ended in 98, but according to Wikipedia:

Scamander says that he collected most of the information found in the book through observations made over years of travel and across five continents. He notes that the first edition was commissioned in 1918 by Mr Augustus Worme of Obscurus Books. However, it was not published until 1927.

So, early 20th century? Possibly even wartime?