Thursday, August 13, 2015

Be My Mistress

This week's been nothing but hell-fire and torment for me, waiting for tonight to arrive -- tonight is the night that I finally see Mistress America, Greta Gerwig's new movie with Noah Baumbach, their follow-up to my favorite movie of the decade so far Frances Ha. All hellish week it's been a bunch of people posting their glowing reviews of the film and a bunch of other people (I'm looking at you, Amy Sedaris) posting pictures of Greta at other screenings that I was not at, cut to me sitting here on my thumbs literally dying inside with each and every one. WHAT ABOUT ME??? Well my time has come. The rest of you plebes can have Mistress tomorrow, but tonight, tonight, tonight Greta and I will dance and laugh and talk of memories past... or we will die trying!

(PS I have tomorrow off so everybody have a great weekend!)

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