Thursday, August 06, 2015

Aaron Johnson's Big Splash

That right there is the best argument for following 50 Shades of Grey director Sam Taylor-Johnson on Instagram (do you think it burns her to be referred to as "50 Shades of Grey director" at this point?) -- the chance that she might occasionally photograph her boy-husband without clothes on. Hopefully one day we'll see the pictures of her making Jamie Dornan first act out his Christian Grey scenes with Aaron playing Anastasia. I have no doubt that Aaron can bite his lip like nobody's business. Anyway there is Aaron news, and it is good Aaron news! Back when Jake Gyllenhaal got cast in the lead role in Tom Ford's next movie Nocturnal Animals there was a rumor that Aaron was going to co-star -- said rumor's been confirmed! (Thanks Mac) And not only Aaron but Michael Shannon is slapping in to tag-team Jake as well! This is a good cast and I can't wait to watch them all hold each other at the waist on red carpets.

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Anonymous said...

"CORRECTIVE gangbang of Jakey? Sign me the hell up!" -- Michael Shannon, now also being styled by Losi (Honey Artists).