Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The Meanest Cut

I posted that new Southpaw picture on the Tumblr yesterday but in case you missed that you probably wouldn't want to miss that. Normally muscles that marble-carved kinda gross me out but... it's Jake. He's like Chinatown. Anyway there's a new Southpaw trailer out too, which I'm just going to link to -- we've seen quite enough, thank you -- but there is one thing out of it that we need to share:

That shot is quite clearly promising a Fully Naked Jake Gyllenhaal, correct? It's a cruel-as-fuck edit they leave us hanging on, cutting off just before the good stuff -  if the movie's that mean and does the same I will set the movie theater on fire right then and right there, I swear it. (Note to friends who might go see Southpaw with me: be prepared to run and/or duck for cover.)


Anonymous said...

I don't get the whole shaved chest thing. Lame.

Jason Adams said...

Generally I hear ya, Anon. But it makes sense for this character and hopefully all it means is it will grow in even thicker when he's done! :)

Derreck said...

He's probably wearing briefs or some shit.

*Debbie Downer sound*