Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Quote of the Day

"He's a good kisser. But we both have scruffy bearded faces even if we shave. So, us putting out two beards together... man, when the kiss was over I pushed him off, like, 'Damn!'"

Damn indeed. That's Brian Bloom, who we just celebrated the birthday of yesterday, talking to TV Guide back in the day about making out with Chris Meloni on Oz. Great big bountiful thanks to Ruben for leaving a link to this in the comments; we'd never read it before and we, uh, dig the way it makes us feel. In related news our pal Manuel's series on the gay history of HBO over at the Film Experience actually got around to Oz today, along with notes on a few of the channel's other homo-friendly series too.

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blogger said...

That is some gayass shit.