Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Never Wanted To Be A Bowl Of Cheerios So Bad

When I saw that there was a UK trailer out for the great Diary of a Teenage Girl my first thought was naturally -- ooh I bet that shows some naked Alexander Skarsgard! Because international trailers are usually freer with the nakedness than the US ones, see. But the new trailer actually plays those cards close to its vest, which I guess I'd appreciate more if I hadn't seen the movie already (here's my review) and was worried about it giving everything away. As is it gives a lot away so I'll just link to it over here. 

But hey look they've also released some new stills from the film, also via that link, and they're a little bit more Skarsgard-friendly. Good goddamn, him in those short running shorts... I just might have to go doodle my own thoughts about those...

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