Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Good Morning, World

Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein director James Whale was born 126 years ago today -- besides his immortal filmography (which also includes gems like The Old Dark House and The Invisible Man) Mr. Whale was personally immortalized by Christopher Bram's fantastic book Father of Frankenstein and the movie which it was turned into, Gods and Monsters, starring a deservedly Oscar nominated Sir Ian McKellen as the lusty and suicidal old codger himself, plus the hunkiest Brendan Fraser ever put on-screen as his hunk of burning lunkish love. Can you believe G&M still isn't on blu-ray? Come on, folks!


Anonymous said...

whatever happened to Brendan??? He was so dreamy

Wyatt Renfro said...

It's a travesty. Seeing Brendan is hi-def. Yes, ma'am.

Anonymous said...

I read long ago that Brendan shot the scene with the mask, in which Whale attempts to grab him, in the nude. But they chickened out and left him partially clothed. I always hope that there would be a director's cut with the full nudity. He sure was a hunka man.