Friday, July 17, 2015

Good Morning, World

I gave up on Under the Dome halfway through its second season but I was still surprised when I recently saw that a third season had apparently begun airing -- I had no idea it was back! Any of y'all watching it? It's nice to see Mike Vogel (whose birthday is today - happy birthday, Mike! May you find a better job soon!) is still looking lovely, at least.

Okay, on to other matters - I seriously doubt I will have any time to post today after this, it's gonna be a crazy busy day with real-world stuff. And the same probably goes for Monday. Things will have settled down some by Tuesday, I hope. Sorry for the disruption. Soon! Just curl up in Mike Vogel's bellybutton til I'm back.


M said...

Three seasons in and it's still only been three weeks since the dome came down.

Dave R said...

Nope, not interesting enough to watch for more then the 1st season.