Thursday, July 16, 2015

Good Morning, World

Killing two birds with one shirtless William Holden stone -- today is Barbara Stanwyck's birthday and I figured the MNPP crowd would prefer Bill Beefcake over Babs Cheesecake (I know my audience, grant me that) and since these two were lifelong great friends (see this video and cry) it seemed fitting, the swap. (I also posted some Holden on the Tumblr yesterday, by the way.)

And second, going with Bill allows me to direct you over to The Film Experience, where "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" took on the great Sunset Boulevard last night. Lotsa Holden & Swanson to behold, but I'm shocked - shocked, I says! - that nobody chose what woulda been my pick, which seems hella obvious to me...

... but then Sunset Boulevard is an endlessly gorgeous film so all of their choices made some sense, too. But still. That shot! Iconic, and a perfect encapsulation of the film's themes. Flash!


Pierce said...

I think my father knew, in the back of his mind, that I was going to grow up gay. When Sunset Blvd. played on TV the first time, he told me I was going to love it, and he was right. I've seen it many times, showed it to the cast of Really Rosie when I was directing the show because Norma Desmond is what Rosie aspires to be. I also saw the awful musical on Broadway. Betty Buckley was amazing as Norma, but the show was pointless. The story of a silent movie star who gives up her career at the advent of sound, but she can sing?

I think, too, it's the greatest movie Hollywood has ever made on Hollywood, and that Gloria Swanson should have been given the Oscar. I adore Judy Holliday. She was a gift from the gods, but she was basically repeating her stage performance. Swanson was remarkable in SB. All About Eve is my all time favorite movie, but Swanson was the clear winner that year!

Rob K. said...

What Pierce said. A great, great film.

joel65913 said...

That's a great choice for a best shot but as you said the film is chock-a-block with one iconic shot after another. I've always been partial to the shot of Norma waiting for DeMille and the microphone, her enemy, brushing her hat and the look of scorn she gives it before pushing it away.