Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Good Morning, World

I feel as if I had something clever to say about True Detective when I was thinking about it in the shower this morning getting ready for work, but like so much - including the dialogue for this second season - it just slipped away like so much watery nothingness. I made it about halfway through this week's episode before passing out and I think, just like that, I might be done. 

I was willing to give it a chance this year even though I ended up hating last year because I love Colin Farrell, but he's got nothing to do - nobody has anything to do, because nothing is all there is. And yet Taylor Kitsch looks good in his underwear (or mostly naked, like in the first episode) so I'll keep my eye peeled for that much. 

And hey Fargo's back soon! That is actually a good show!


http://ricksrealreel.blogspot.com/ said...

That's how I felt after watching the season finale of AHS Freakshow...about half way through, I knew I was not going to watch next season's AHS Hotel, no matter how much Ryan Murphy teases.

creamycamper said...

I am BORED AS HELL. I binged 3 or 4 episodes last night and can't tell you for sure because I was THAT bored.