Thursday, July 30, 2015

Good Morning, Nico

When I mentioned Nico Tortorella in yesterday's "Good Morning, World" post as being an exemplary narcissist for the Instagram Experiment I had no idea today would be his 27th birthday and we'd be back here, using up the goodies he's offered as of late to wish him a happy one. But it is and here we are and I'm fine with that.

Nico is clearly fine with it as well. See lots more of him here. It's weird that his birthday isn't listed on IMDB though isn't it? I had to find out via, where else, Nico himself, where he wished himself a happy birthday by posting, what else, a shirtless (or perhaps probably naked) picture of himself.

Why am I not surprised that he's a Leo? Anyway Nico was also spotted this week (via JJ, thanks Mac) soaking up some sunshine (not to mention some spotlight) on vacation in Palm Springs. He's making me think of that episode of The Comeback where Val goes to that chic desert hotel and all those LA douchebags camp out for the poolside seats (remember Marky Mark's butt?)... Nico is so The Comeback, you guys. They so should have had him dating Mark's daughter Francesca in the second season. Okay anyway hit the jump for more pics...

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