Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Good Morning, Billy

I didn't watch Tales of the City until years and years after it aired - I think it was about a decade ago I finally sat down with it when it got released on DVD. Anyway even though the ages of the actors in it should've told me better I always thought of it as having aired much earlier than it did and I'm always surprised to see it aired (the first part anyway) in 1993. Anyway I always cringe at straight actors being told they've been "brave" for playing gay roles but it still was, much to my chagrin, kinda brave in 1993 - especially in a role so sexualized (no chaste kisses while dying of AIDS here) - so Billy Campbell does deserve his props. 

For both his "bravery" and his bum. This was after he starred in The Rocketeer! Because of the way my brain messes up the timeline I always think of it as before. Anyway a happy 56th birthday to Billy today, who's still working hard and looking entirely fuckable these days. He's got a surprisingly rich presence online by the way - you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram, and he posts pretty often. Oh and see lots more of him of the gratuitous sort in this old post.


par3182 said...

of course he'd already practiced for this role by being stephen carrington's boyfriend in dynasty eight years earller

[damn those moldavian terrorists]

Jason Adams said...

As I wrote up this post I wondered if he'd ever played gay before -- thanks for the info, par. I didn't know that! I was too kinda young when Dynasty was on to have much memory of it -- I wish I had been able to watch it, it seems like such a hoot.

par3182 said...

of course, i was VERY young when when it screened. VERY!

[but old enough to appreciate billy. and joan collins, obviously]