Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Dig Deeper Thomas Kretschmann

Über Kraut Thomas Kretschmann was last sadly seen (spoiler alert) with his brains splattered all over a wall in the Avengers sequel -- I would so watch a prequel involving him and Aaron Taylor Johnson having, you know, exploits or whatever. But didn't that kill shot seem out-of-place violent in Age of Ultron? Kretschmann my Kretschmann deserved finer treatment. 

Anyway I wish Thomas got better work - he's got several projects lined up according to IMDb but when the villain role in the "somehow this isn't straight to DVD" video-game adaptation no-name sequel Hitman: Agent 47 is the highlight, things ain't stellar. He is making a movie with Lee Tamahori, the director of The Devil's Double though! Maybe at least he'll do what he did with Dominic Cooper and give us the Kretshcmann Ass Fest we all desire.


P@B said...

What is the name of the movie of this gif?

Jason Adams said...

it's a 2009 movie called Separation City