Thursday, June 11, 2015

Xavier Dolan Five Times

I don't really have anything against Gia Coppola - I never saw her film Palo Alto but her sister Sofia is the definition of nepotism turning out in our favor so I wish Gia well - but I still wish Xavier was alone in these pictures (via, thanks Mac), she's distracting me from what matters. (Half-naked Xavier is what matters, in case that wasn't obvious.)


Anonymous said...

Sofia is Gia's aunt, not sister.

Also, I know you praised Sofia, but why mention nepotism? Do people always mention nepotism when discussing Keifer Sutherland, Jason Schwartzman, Josh Brolin, Ben Stiller, etc.?

Anonymous said...

Maybe people bring up nepotism in regard to Sofia Coppola because her father funded her early movies?

Jerry Stiller didn't fund Ben's early movies, nor James Brolin Josh's early movies etc.

Sofia Coppola is basically the film version of Tori "Daddy bought me a show" Spelling and just as unfortunate looking.

JA said...

Wow she's Sofia's aunt? I can never keep that ginormous family straight. Too Many Coppolas!

Anonymous said...

And those early movies ended up being critically acclaimed, Oscar winning works. People think of the Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation as modern classics.

Calling her looks into question is unnecessary and just points to you being a misogynistic shithead.

Anonymous said...

You're right. It was unnecessary because it goes without saying.

Anonymous said...

Actually he didn't finance her early movies, at least not entirely. He helped influence the casting of James Woods, Danny Devito and Kathleen Turner to help the film secure financing. It was made for very cheap, filmed in Toronto for the tax incentives, and they sold the movie rights in foreign territories to help finance the film as well. That's how Hollywood works. It's all about who you know, calling in favors, etc. Could she have gotten The Virgin Suicides off the ground without her father? I really doubt it. But it's not like he just handed her a few million to go make a movie. She used her family connections to help get the film made. You think the men I mentioned above didn't use any of their family connections to get where they are today? You're dreaming.

Also, say for the sake of argument her father had completely financed all of her films. Did he also buy her the Oscar nominations and win? Did he also pay off all of the thousands of critics who have praised her work? He hasn't had a successful film in decades (despite a few attempts) and yet people assume he's still wielding enough power in Hollywood to buy success for someone else? Ridiculous. Why is it SO hard to accept that although she was given opportunities most people aren't, she still earned her reputation/awards/career off the finished product. If Virign Suicides had been a terrible film, she wouldn't have gone on to make LiT, which brought about Marie Antoinette, etc.