Friday, June 12, 2015

We Are Still Here There & Everywhere

I was pretty gosh-darned excited when I figured out that the new horror film We Are Still Here was being filmed just about twenty minutes from the town I grew up in - indeed the next time I go home I'm going to make an effort to go visit the restaurant we see in the film and get my picture taken out in front so I can proudly display it beside the pictures I've taken at the Texas Chain Saw cemetery and the Death Proof bar and so forth. Would I make such effort for a shite film? No, no I would not. And if I'm willing to go out of my way, to go somewhere not called The Couch or The Bed, then you should believe me - We Are Still Here is worth it! 

It's actually a fairly old-fashioned haunted house movie so diving into plot specifics won't sell it on its own - it's all about the motion in its ocean, not mistaking every water droplet for the sea but chug chug chugging it all the same. But you know how I just told you about the doc The Nightmare and how Real World Ghosts will never ever scare me? Well Fake Movie Ghosts can totally scare me, and this movie's got some super duper scary doozies. What We Are Still Here does best is trace its own weird little path through stuff we sort of half recognize from a million movies before it; it's got a sweet nasty little personality all its own, one it was a pleasure getting to know, shock after shock after shock.


sten and worf and marlo and sparkle said...

I dunno, man....usually I'm on board with your reviews, but this time I'm not so sure if I agree with you.

sissyinhwd said...

The best part was when the blood blew out of the hole in the wall of the basement. The ghost reminded me of DEMONS and UNCLE BOONMEE. It was nice to see Lisa Marie and good old Monte Markham. 2 out of 4 stars

Adam said...

I love you, but no! The lamer than lame scares, the atrocious acting, and the overly complicated and stupid plot that requires all those monologues and the end credits to explain... I wouldn't go to one of the filming locations even if the director was there waiting to apologize personally.

Unknown said...

You know it is a bad sign when I watch a movie and I keep thinking how I could have done it better myself. :/ Nostalgia sake, I loved seeing Barbara, Lisa Marie (and her new facelift) and especially Clayton (Monte), Blanche's gay brother on "The Golden Girls". The scariest thing to me was looking at Monte and noticing that his right ear seemed much larger than his left ear. Also, as much as I want to like Lisa Marie, we now know why she never talked much in Tim's movies. The "ghost" looked like Blake, the ghost/pirate in "The Fog". I kept waiting on Hal Holbrook to pop out of a door way. After the movie was over, I was more pissed off than I was scared. Although not as angry as I was after I watched "High Tension". I wanted to punch a wall after that piece of crap. I REALLY wanted to like it, but damn was it pedestrian.