Tuesday, June 23, 2015

They Picked The Right Peter Parker

Marvel just announced that their new Spider-Man is going to be played by Tom Holland, aka the kid who was so great in The Impossible a couple of years ago. I was rooting for him over the other names being bandied about, so this makes me smile. Of course I also just realized that Tom is British, and we've got another Brit (following Andrew Garfield) playing another very American superhero -- just like Henry Cavill as Superman and Christian Bale as Batman and on and on. Invaders!!! Anyway he's the one that we'll see alongside The Avengers, supposedly! Lucky ponce. And say good night, Andy Garfield (We'll always have Spider-Bum)...

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tanpoffel said...

Happy for Holland, who's a good actor, and happier for Garfield, who's also a good actor and doesn't need to do another 15 of these now. Can't wait to see the latter in SILENCE!