Friday, June 26, 2015

Quote of the Day

First things first, hey-oh it's a new picture from Southpaw. (via) Much like the previous pictures I've posted, sure, but it's not like we can turn our nose up at Shirtless Jake now is it? Exactly. Second things second, it's now less than a week until "Original Audrey" Ellen Greene teams up with "Original Bubble Boy" Jake to revisit Little Shop of Horrors on stage here in New York for three performances and I'm kinda hyperventilating just thinking about it. Greene spoke to TheaterMania (thanks Mac) about the shows - the past and the very near present ones - and here's a choice bit:

TM: Does the age difference between you and Jake Gyllenhaal matter? 

Ellen: Well, if I looked like sh*t. But I don't. I have my [Dorian Gray] painting further and further back in the closet. [laughs] [Audrey] was always older than [Seymour]. There are many elements [in which] I hope I don't disappoint, but I'm obviously competing with my younger self. I have been in Audrey drag [recently], for the D.C. Gay Men's Chorus, and I was shocked: It looks good still. [Scanlan] looked at all sorts of ages, but Jake, he came to Dick and said, "I want the part, and I want to do it with Ellen Greene." You can't deny it when a great actor says, "I want the part."

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Anonymous said...

What a scream she was in the latest audio bootleg!
She knew what the loyal fans came to hear, how her role and the musical have been embraced through the years by the community...Yeah, she knows the importance of playing to her audience:D