Monday, June 29, 2015

Quote of the Day

“I like it when guys don’t wear those boxer briefs that go to mid-thigh and look like bike shorts. It’s harder and harder to find. They’re very popular, but I think they look stupid. I prefer old-fashioned tighty-whities or even just boxer shorts. When you discover a man who wears tighty-whities, you hold on to him. It’s so old-school. They’re great.”

-- That's Lizzy Caplan, preaching halleluiah, via Playboy.


Anonymous said...

Don't agree. I love boxer briefs and hate boxers.

Anonymous said...

Boxer briefs hold everything in place just as a bra does for a woman. Wearing boxer shorts makes you more liable to have a saggy ass before your time.

Unknown said...

I like tighty-whiteys on guys...only when they are both tight and white. Absolute NO to sagging, shredded and yellow undies.