Monday, June 01, 2015

Poltergiest in 150 Words or Less

There's a scene early on in the new Poltergeist, echoing a scene between Craig T. Nelson and JoBeth Williams in Tobe Hooper's original, where Sam Rockwell drops his pants and flashes his underpants for a quick second. I quite liked that scene at the time, for obvious reasons, but I didn't realize that come a week later it'd literally the only thing I'd remember of the film. Well that and the bizarre but welcome Happiness reunion between Jane Adams and Jared Harris. (I kept expecting his Russian wife to be the ghost behind a door and just slap the glasses right off Jane.) (Yes that's how I kept myself entertained.) But seriously, my brain has already erased this remake's tepid existence - when you say Poltergiest all I picture is the 1982 film. And that's really as it should be.

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Yummy Pizza said...

Good GAWD, I never new the angry Russian in Happiness was Jared Harris! I always thought he looked familiar but never thought to look him up. Huh.