Monday, June 15, 2015

Noni Said Spook You Out

Although she's had little gigs here and there over the past few years we still feel the need to hop around proclaiming "Winona got a job! Winona got a job!" at this news - see we love Winona Ryder a whole lot (we were 11 when Beetlejuice came out; we don't have a choice in the matter) and we're more than over her post-arrest career doldrums. If I'm being forced to suffer through the agony of a Robert Downey Jr. renaissance I am owed some Noni, goddammit. 

Point being, Winona's signed on to star in a new show (of the supernatural thriller sort) for Netflix. It's maybe called Montauk (that was its working title anyway), it's eight episodes, and it's about a two-year old boy who goes missing and his mother's search for him against a gathering of dark forces. S'all pretty vague really, especially since it's also billed as "a love letter to the 80s classics that captivated a generation" -- what classics from the 80s? Do they mean Poltergeist? It sounds like Poltergeist, but they don't really offer any more clues as to what they're talking about.

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FoxVerde said...

I remember all the 80's missing child movies like "Without a Trace" 1983 and "I know my First name is Steven" etc. It seemed like the 80's was the decade of (fear mongering) missing children like Tara Calico and "i'm alive" scrawled on 1 dollar bills by supposed missing kid Johnny Gosch. And we had to sit and eat cereal with missing children staring back at us. And don't forget we were constantly told that someone was gonna grab us and throw us in their trunk and drive away. Or they were trying to kill us with razor blades every Halloween. I'm surprised we're not all nuts.

Winona was on such a good streak with her production company. How to make an American Quilt and Girl Interrupted are films i gotta watch at least once a year.